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Following the Taliban’s return to power in 2021, we strategically adapted our operations to the changing political climate by transitioning from large and visible orphanages to smaller, inconspicuous safehouses. We have initiated home-based classes and remote learning, discreetly enrolling girls in private schools for grades six and above, thereby maintaining their education without attracting Taliban attention. To further shield the girls from detection, we house them in small residences or apartments, typically accommodating 8-15 individuals along with a host family. This setup creates the illusion of an ordinary household, significantly reducing the chances of raising suspicions among neighbors or attracting unwanted attention from the Taliban.

However, sustaining these safehouses and ensuring the continuity of girls’ education requires ongoing support. Currently, our safehouses rely solely on funds received from monthly sponsorships. Yet, many children remain without sponsors, and the majority are only partially sponsored, leaving our safehouses in a budget deficit. This deficit severely limits our ability to provide the necessary resources for girls’ safety and education.

In the fiscal year 2024/2025, we estimate a budget deficit of $30,000 across all our safehouses. By contributing to the Safehouse Sustainability Fund, you can help bridge this gap and ensure the long-term viability of our safehouses, thereby guaranteeing the continued education and safety of Afghan girls.

You can support our cause by making either a one-time donation to the Safehouse Sustainability Fund or by becoming a regular donor through a recurring monthly donation. Your generosity will directly impact the lives of Afghan girls, providing them with the opportunity for a brighter future. Together, let’s ensure the sustainability of our safehouses and the continuity of girls’ education in Afghanistan.

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